Making a Will Is Just Plain Sensible

GivePeace exists to make life's hardest transition a little easier. When people pass away without leaving a will, their property is distributed according to the default laws of their state. But that might not be in accord with the wishes of the deceased. As a result, survivors are left guessing as to what their dearly departed's wishes would have been while potentially having their feelings hurt. At times, this itself can lead to acrimony and bad blood. We want to help your loved ones avoid that heartache.


Fate Is Unpredictable

In our modern world, people pass away at all ages, sometimes suddenly and in unexpected ways. When that happens, the last thing you want is to burden your loved ones with the chaos of making dozens of decisions—not to mention agreeing on how to make them—on everything from memorial arrangements to whom to give that prized family heirloom. Instead, why not simply be prepared?


Together, We Can Make This Easy

For most people, expressing what you want in your will is fairly straightforward. Putting it into clear, concise, yet complete and legally binding language? That's where we come in. With our fast and transparent online process, GivePeace helps you secure your legacy and protect your family by translating your wishes into a formal will.


Remember the Bottom Line

Jonas Salk once wrote that we are all confronted with one ultimate question: are we being good ancestors? If you are, let's put it down on paper, shall we?