Thank you for choosing GivePeace. The following page contains a set of questions that will allow us to quickly prepare your will. Please be sure to answer every question and double check the accuracy of your answers.

To protect your privacy, we do not cache (save) your answers between browser sessions. This means that while you can move forward and backward through the questions, refreshing or leaving the question page altogether will require you to start over. Therefore, we recommend that you are fully prepared to make your will when you press "Start" below.

The process can take as little as five minutes for a simple will or up to an hour for a highly specific one. In either case, before clicking "Start" below, it is a good idea to write down the full legal name of anyone you might like to include in your will and make a list of any specific gifts you might like to leave. Doing so will help ensure that you enjoy the quick and pleasant user experience we hope to share with you at GivePeace.